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'Disturbing' photo of jam-packed closet sparks outrage: 'I have a headache just thinking about how that smells'

"Why is this necessary?"

“Why is this necessary?”

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While one person may have an enviable amount of closet space, a "disturbing" photo of their use of it recently made waves online for another reason, sparking outrage. 

In the subreddit r/Anticonsumption, one Redditor posted a photo of a closet overflowing with what appears to be a variety of scented candles from Bath & Body Works, with even the ground level housing multiple rows. 

"Why is this necessary?" the Redditor said in their post. "... I try to be one who lets people do what they want, but this just doesn't feel right."

"I have a headache just thinking about how that smells," another said

Photo Credit: u/socialdeviant620 / Reddit

While the use of scented candles may have a positive impact on mental health, moderation can help people receive those benefits without adding additional stress to the environment. 

For one, overconsumption has led to rising global temperatures because of the amount of energy needed to create and transport products, as well as the exhaustion of our natural resources.

According to EcoWatch, the International Resource Panel (IRP) found that the amount of natural resources used by humans tripled from 1970 to 2010, and eventual shortages of vital materials could increase the risk of conflict.

Secondly, the packaging and production process for candles, similar to the cosmetics and fast fashion industries, can create large amounts of waste and pollution

According to Business Waste, thousands of candles in the UK are thrown out following the winter holidays alone, with the average candle providing six hours of light. However, per the report, "the plastic casings of candles could remain in [landfills] for up to 1,000 years."

Additionally, some brands of candles contain paraffin wax, a byproduct of crude oil that releases headache-causing chemicals when burned. 

A number of Redditors were quick to highlight their concerns.

"How long is this supposed to last? Won't the ones at the back just go stale and smell off?" one person asked

"Their poor lungs," said another.

"Are they planning to resell them or something? That looks very expensive!" another wrote

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