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Reddit user strikes gold at a flea market, buying 14k and 18k gold pendants for just $1: 'They're gorgeous!'

One shopper found more than they bargained for at a local flea market.

One shopper found more than they bargained for at a local flea market.

Photo Credit: u/UrbanRelicHunter / Reddit

One shopper found more than they bargained for at a local flea market: two pieces of genuine gold jewelry for only a dollar.

As secondhand shopping has become more popular, so have online communities like the r/ThriftStoreHauls subreddit. Here, Redditors share the best deals they find at garage sales, flea markets, thrift stores, and estate sales — anywhere you can buy used goods. 

While not every sale is an exciting one, some thrifters have found incredible treasures — like a vintage Dior coat, Gucci wallpaper, or two Le Creuset cooking pots.

In this case, the OP was browsing at a flea market in January when they found two beautiful pieces of jewelry: a gold heart pendant outlined with white gemstones and a small pin in the shape of an elephant with reddish-purple stones adorning its head and back. 

"Elephant pin is 18k gold and the heart is 14k gold," they say. And when asked about the stones, they add, "They are rubies. They each have a little star on/in them in direct sunlight... when viewed at the correct angle."

For many shoppers who buy second hand, the savings are the point. Thrift stores often sell products for just a few dollars that could cost tens or even hundreds new, allowing buyers to furnish their homes and fill their wardrobes on a tight budget. 

Others spend their time sifting through ordinary items at a flea market or consignment shop, looking for the most extraordinary pieces at bargain prices. Many also hope to help the environment by saving belongings that would otherwise go to landfills and reducing the need to manufacture new products.

This is an especially large concern when it comes to gold and jewels because, as the Human Rights Watch notes, these materials are often mined under harsh, harmful conditions.

Commenters who saw OP's lucky haul asked how they could score similar finds. 

"Ooh they're gorgeous! How do you know it's real gold when shopping, is it usually just printed on them somewhere?" asks one

The OP replies, "They're usually marked inside the band for rings, somewhere on the back for pins, and check around the hanging loop (forgot the name) on necklace charms. Could be other places too! There are also markings on silver dishes and silverware, etc."

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