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Bargain hunter scores a Christian Dior coat while shopping at their local thrift store: 'What a stunning and unbelievable find'

"Just wear it everywhere, for the rest of your life."

Christian Dior coat

Photo Credit: u/blahblahblah110047 / Reddit

Earlier this year, a longtime thrifter's dedication paid off with the best find of their life: a vintage coat from Christian Dior Furs.

Thrift store shopping has gotten a lot of attention in recent years as an affordable and eco-friendly shopping option. Shoppers looking for the best deals can outfit a whole home or wardrobe with quality items, even on a budget. 

Online communities like r/ThriftStoreHauls exist for buyers to show off their best finds.

Recently, there have been a number of shoppers who saved hundreds of dollars on luxury brands by buying second hand. One thrifter found two pairs of leather Allen Edmonds shoes for $12; another bought like-new Le Creuset pots for just over $4; and a third discovered a Peak Design backpack for only $20.

For this Redditor, the once-in-a-lifetime find was a burgundy vintage fur coat with a Christian Dior label. They posted a photo, including a visible price tag listing the coat at $10.75. 

One internet sleuth in the comments identifies it as the full-length burgundy dyed fox coat pictured in a vintage ad that was displayed on the website of the fur recycling label enVie heArtwork. Others found coats from the same line listed for sale — with prices over $2,600.

Buying second hand is the best way for many shoppers to afford such incredible luxury items. Thrifters can find high-quality clothes, shoes, furniture, and kitchenware in good condition, all for much less than they would cost new. Meanwhile, buying second hand keeps items out of landfills, so it's an environmentally friendly choice.

Other Redditors were impressed with the OP's incredible deal. 

"I actually gasped when I scrolled across this photo," says one commenter. "What a stunning and unbelievable find." 

Another suggests, "Just wear it everywhere, for the rest of your life. Grocery store and everything." 

A third commenter takes it a step further. "If I were single I'd marry that coat." OP laughingly responds, "At this point my husband is worried."

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