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Mother shares unbelievably simple organization tip using common fridge item: 'Now that can come in handy'

"Oh my gosh, this is the best and brightest idea."

"Oh my gosh, this is the best and brightest idea."

Photo Credit: TikTok

If you're tired of your ribbons getting tangled, an unexpected item from your fridge can help you sort them out.

Mom hack TikToker Shannon Doherty (@athomewithshannon) showed viewers how leftover strawberry containers provide a simple way to store ribbons so you can spend more time creating and less time organizing. 

The scoop

Reusable ribbon containers probably don't come to mind when you see plastic fruit packaging, but sometimes, it takes a little thinking outside the box to get organized. 

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For this hack, grab a leftover fruit carton — in this case, Shannon used a strawberry container — and place the ribbons inside with the ends sticking out through the holes. Leave enough ribbon hanging over the sides so you can easily cut them. 

"Fits perfectly through the holes…," reads text on the video as Shannon places nine colorful ribbons inside the container. 

"Great for cutting and organizing," she adds, showing off the genius hack to viewers.  

How it's helping

You know how easily your storage containers can turn into a big mess if you do a lot of arts and crafts projects. It's hard to keep track of everything between ribbons, glitter glue, markers, construction paper, and other supplies, especially if you have young children who use them. 

If you have to keep replacing lost or damaged items, that means less money in your pocket and more time spent shopping for new supplies. This hack handles both problems, helping you stay organized and eliminating the need to replenish materials. 

Plus, throwing away plastic fruit containers adds to the staggering amount of plastic waste littering the planet. According to Statista, humans produce over 350 million metric tons (about 385 million tons) of plastic waste yearly. 

The UN Environment Programme reports that plastic packaging, including single-use plastic products for food and drinks, accounts for around 36% of all plastic made. Unfortunately, 85% of this plastic winds up in landfills or as mismanaged waste, often polluting waterways, roadsides, and natural areas. 

By repurposing your empty fruit containers, you're giving your wallet and the planet a break while getting a free ribbon organizer. No more lost or unruly ribbons messing up your day with this hack.

What everyone's saying

Viewers were thankful for the brilliant organization hack that gives strawberry containers a second life.

"Now that can come in handy," one viewer said, adding a big smiley-face emoji. 

Another added, "Oh my gosh, this is the best and brightest idea; thank you so much for sharing."

"I LOVE this !!! Plastic fruit containers … finally something wonderful to do with them," someone else shared.

"That's super smart. Easier for kids too," another commented.

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