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Seasoned crafter shares 'genius' hack for making space-saving use of empty fruit containers: 'You just changed my life'

You're gonna want to stop throwing these away

You’re gonna want to stop throwing these away

Photo Credit: @newlifestyleabb / TikTok

Say so long to twisted ribbons and knotted yarn with this genius hack that upcycles common plastic containers into creative storage solutions. Clever crafter Alyssa Barber (@newlifestyleabb) shared on TikTok some brilliant ideas to save space and get organized with the help of empty fruit clamshells.

The scoop

"You're gonna wanna stop throwing these away," Alyssa says before revealing two inventive hacks for the empty containers. 

The first hack Alyssa shares is organizing ribbons for crafting and gift wrapping by threading the ends of the ribbons through the holes in the bottom of the container. "They fit perfectly," she says. "You can just pull them out and cut them." Similar fruit containers could also be repurposed in the same way to organize yarn, embroidery floss, and other string-based craft supplies.

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The video also includes a bonus hack for dog owners. Alyssa upgrades a container that once held grape tomatoes into a convenient organizer for dog waste bags using the same technique.

How it's helping

From glass jars to plastic containers, reusing items you already have at home is a creative way to save money and organize your space. You're essentially getting two items for the price of one by upgrading these empty food containers into innovative storage solutions and other creative purposes. 

With plastic recycling in decline, according to a 2022 Greenpeace report, finding ways to reuse plastic items like fruit containers helps keep them out of the waste stream. Plastic trash is taking over the planet, building up on land and in the ocean, and even making its way into our bodies.

Although recycling properly can still be an effective way to divert materials from being wasted, the process is plagued with numerous issues, such as questions regarding its profitability and the creation of harmful byproducts like microplastics, air pollution, and dangerous working conditions. While recycling initiatives are important, cutting back on single-use plastics and reusing materials whenever possible is often more beneficial for the environment.

What everyone's saying

Commenters were floored by this perfect idea. "You just changed my life," one TikToker replied. 

Others couldn't wait to try out this clever hack. "I can finally organize my drawer!" a commenter shared. "How can it be so simple but yet so genius," another wondered.  

Others chimed in with their own creative ideas for the empty containers. "I use them as mini greenhouses to start seeds," one said, while others suggested using them to store crayons or paint. 

No matter what you decide to use them for, upcycling these plastic containers means less money spent, a more organized home, and as one commenter replied, "1 less plastic in the ocean."

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