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Gardener shares unconventional method of producing flourishing berry plants: 'I love this'

"It's really moving and inspiring."

Earth sculptures

Photo Credit: u/ChelseaMSchultz / Reddit

One green-thumbed artist took their creative, ecologically-minded skills to their garden with a work that's as beautiful as it is compostable. 

Sharing recently to the r/Permaculture subreddit, the artist debuted two impressive, large sculptures out of clay — one in the shape of a sleeping head and one a full-body sleeping woman. 

"We decided to fortify in between the cracks with soil and mulch, and seed with native blackberries, strawberries, etc. This will be a food garden for the community," the artist writes.

The end result, as described eloquently by one commenter, is "performance art, a collaboration between you and nature."

According to the artist, clay is the material that will disintegrate the fastest, as it "tends to be the most ephemeral of all earthy materials I've used so far."

"While, on one level, it is sad to witness these beautiful works of art disintegrating, there is a certain ironic satisfaction in seeing them return to the earth from whence they came," another commenter writes.

Growing your own food can be an incredibly rewarding experience — even if you don't pair it with crafting massive earth sculptures. And berries, in particular, are one of the easiest types of food to cultivate, as we recently learned from the Garden Family.

Gardening can also be a great way to get more life out of your food waste, by turning it into compost, which helps your plants grow big and strong while also cutting down on the amount of garbage you end up sending to landfills.

And the produce that you grow in your own garden will be fresher than anything you can find in the store, as one Instagram gardener recently taught us.

Overall, commenters were impressed by the creation. 

"I love this. It's really moving and inspiring. Thanks for sharing!" says one commenter. 

"The intersection of art and Ecology is amazing. Great piece!" says another.

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