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Shopper experiences incredible money-saving moment after serendipitous trip to a local thrift store: '[I] went in on a whim'

"Found things that I was going to buy new."

Coffee maker, Money-saving moment after serendipitous trip to a local thrift store

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You never know what you'll find at the thrift store, whether it's a jacket you didn't know you needed or the household essentials you've procrastinated on buying. 

During a spontaneous thrift store visit, one Redditor proved you can check almost anything off your shopping list at a secondhand shop.   

In a popular Reddit post, the user shared photos of their recent thrift store haul. They purchased a spring form pan and a Hamilton Beach FlexBrew coffee maker. 

"Went in on a whim," the Redditor wrote. "Found things that I was going to buy new and they are new!"

The Redditor needed the pan to bake their niece's birthday cake, and they wanted to replace their old coffee maker. This thrift store visit covered all their needs, helping them bypass a traditional retailer altogether. 

Coffee maker
Photo Credit: u/muffetbakes / Reddit
Coffee maker
Photo Credit: u/muffetbakes / Reddit

By purchasing kitchen essentials at the thrift store, this Redditor likely saved money. Thrift stores often have significantly discounted prices in comparison to traditional retailers. 

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew coffee makers cost between $47.99 and $199.99, depending on the size and model. While cake pans are cheaper than a name-brand coffee maker, the Redditor likely purchased it at a lower price at the thrift store. 

This Reddit post represents a larger trend of how secondhand shoppers save big when buying pre-owned goods. Thrift shoppers save about $1,700 every year by shopping secondhand. That equates to about $150 every month. 

With rising prices due to inflation, every dollar counts. By thrifting instead of buying new, you can reallocate your budget to other shopping necessities. 

Thrifting benefits not only your wallet but the environment too. Extending the lifecycle of everyday items, whether clothing, shoes, or in this case, cake pans and coffee makers, keeps products out of landfills. 

By holding on to items longer, we can make the most out of resources used in manufacturing everyday products. 

Another Redditor shared in the joy of the sweet thrifting score, saying, "Love when that happens."

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