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Insanely lucky thrifter pays $2 for a brand-new $200 Eddie Bauer jacket: 'I was shocked'

"It's the best score I've ever stumbled upon."

Eddie Bauer down jacket

Photo Credit: u/Past_Standard5222 / Reddit

What's even better than scoring a $200 jacket basically for free? How about scoring a $200 jacket basically for free AND getting showered with compliments after you share the news with your online thrifting community?

One lucky Reddit user got to do just that after they posted their recent find — an Eddie Bauer Microlight Down Packable Jacket, which they were able to snag for a mere $1.52 — to the r/ThriftStoreHauls subreddit.

A comparable jacket retails for $194.25 on the Eddie Bauer website. As some commenters point out, the jacket in question here was likely originally purchased from Costco, which means it cost less, but the buyer had to have a Costco membership. But that's all completely irrelevant once you realize that the jacket's current owner got it for about the price of a can of seltzer.

The original poster was over the moon about their find, writing, "I was shocked. It's the best score I've ever stumbled upon!" They add, "I've always heard that [these jackets are great quality], never been able to spend that on a jacket."

Thrifting is not only a great way to find products that might otherwise be out of your budget, but it helps to keep clothing out of landfills. The average American throws away 81.5 pounds of clothes every year, meaning that the U.S. generates a total of 11.3 million tons of textile waste annually. That waste, especially if it contains polyester or nylon (as it very often does), goes on to pollute the oceans and earth.

As far as the Reddit posts go, the commenters were simply impressed by the original poster's amazing find.

"WOOT!!! Oof, I got a little tingly vicarious thrill out of that one!" writes one commenter.
"Super duper score. Absolutely thrilling!" writes another.

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