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Homeowner shows off their beautiful, lush lawn that requires very little water or mowing: 'It's looking exactly like I wanted'

"Wait until August when [my lawn is] green and theirs is brown or they water three times a day."

Clover lawn that needs little maintenance

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One Redditor recently posted to show r/NoLawns their take on the anti-lawn movement.

Traditional grass lawns are a source of frustration for a growing number of homeowners. These lawns need gallons of water, tons of fertilizer, and constant mowing throughout the warmer months. Many people are looking for low-cost, low-maintenance alternatives, like drought-resistant native plants from companies such as Yardzen.

But many homeowners need to keep up the appearance of a healthy green lawn to meet a homeowner association's requirements or keep neighbors from complaining — and this Redditor claimed to have found a way to do it without grass.

clover lawn
Photo Credit: u/maxpowersr / Reddit

In the post, they shared a photo of their front lawn, which was covered in a tidy bed of clover. "Got myself a super tall forest of clover," they commented. "Looks beautiful!"

In another comment, they explained that they started out with nothing but weeds. "I just threw seeds down two years ago over top of the existing crabgrass/dandelion/etc. lawn. And now it's looking exactly like I wanted!"

They also explained that it takes very little effort to maintain — just an occasional once-over with the lawn mower to get rid of tall dandelion stems. "I love the height the clover is at right now!" they said.

The Spruce recently published a rundown of all the benefits of a clover lawn. They don't need fertilizer, herbicides, or pesticides, and require only the bare minimum of water and mowing, making them cheap to maintain. They're also pet-friendly, and they help hold the topsoil in place so it doesn't wash away when it rains. 

Perhaps best of all, clover feeds pollinators, like bees, making it eco-friendly.

But does it stand up to scrutiny from the rest of the neighborhood? One commenter asked, "I'm curious, any comments from the neighbors?"

The original poster replied, "None. But we were proactive when the kids were babies telling them we don't put chemicals in the lawn. Wait until August when mine's green and theirs is brown or they water three times a day. They'll comment then how amazing it is!"

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