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Cleaning expert shares surprisingly easy method to rid your sponge of hidden bacteria: 'Kills 99.999% bacteria, mold, and yeast on your sponge'

Your sponge can contain over 360 species of bacteria.

Your sponge can contain over 360 species of bacteria.

Photo Credit: TikTok

Cleaning dishes is a daily ritual for many people, but while you're cleaning your pots and pans, how are you cleaning your sponge? 

Your sponge can contain over 360 species of bacteria. Think of all the germs you are spreading around your home when you think you're cleaning. 

Luckily, a TikToker posted a quick hack to eliminate bacteria on your sponge in between washes. 

The scoop 

If you want your dishes to be clean, you have to clean your sponge, too. Kasha (@kasha_home) shared her go-to sponge-cleaning trick in a TikTok video. 

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"I like to regularly clean mine by popping it into the microwave while it's still damp for one minute, which actually kills 99.999% bacteria, mold, and yeast on your sponge," said Kasha. 

She also noted that you should ensure there aren't any plastic or metal pieces on your sponge before placing it in the microwave. (You don't want to create a safety hazard.) 

While you're at it, try this other hack that removes grime from your faucets with a bag and vinegar to eliminate even more bacteria for washing dishes. 

How it's helping

By cleaning your sponge, you'll stop spreading so much bacteria. Salmonella, E. coli, and listeria are just some types of bacteria found on your sponge, all of which can make you sick.

Most experts suggest changing your sponge once a week. Kasha said to do it at least every two weeks, meaning you can save money using your sponge longer. You'll also use fewer sponges, which cuts down on materials, manufacturing, and shipping pollution — an easy example of a small action that adds up toward saving the planet from heat-trapping carbon in the atmosphere. 

If you get creative with natural cleaning products, you can save money and reduce waste while still getting effective products that are safer than regular cleaning options. 

For example, to be eco-conscious, try a plant-based sponge like Kasha suggested. There's also an all-biodegradable sponge option that is even designed to be washed in the dishwasher and thus can last for about six months. And if you are worried about your non-environmental sponges, you can send your used ones to TerraCycle to recycle them. 

What everyone's saying

TikTok users in the comments were excited and surprised about this easy hack. 

One user commented, "Yesss my grandma did this!"

Another TikTok user asked, "Replace every two weeks? Isn't this a waste because you're not getting the full value of the sponges?"

While changing your sponge so frequently may seem wasteful, it's actually safer for you. Kasha amplified this by responding to the user: "Yeah, that's what experts advise to limit spreading bacteria and foodborne illness."

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