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Instagrammer shares simple tip for upgrading your kitchen cleaning game: ‘There is now a better option’

It may come as a surprise that more than 400 million sponges are thrown away each year.

Plastic-free, biodegradable sponges

In a recent reel, @zerowastestore called attention to an easy way to lower environmental impact in our daily lives: household sponges.

Sponges definitely make our lives easier. Scrubbing, wiping, cleaning dishes, and absorbing spills. We use them in the kitchen, the bathroom, and all sorts of multipurpose cleaning (though not with the same sponge for everything, of course).

Easy to use, easy to stock up on, it’s kind of a given that every household has a sponge — or many — lying around. Still, it may come as a surprise that more than 400 million sponges are thrown away each year.

Traditional sponges are made with synthetic plastic fibers. That amounts to a lot of non-biodegradable waste gathering in landfills. Once there, these sponges take decades to decompose, leaching toxic chemicals into the earth and producing methane gas as they do. 

But that’s not all. As we use traditional sponges, fibers and microplastics break off and end up heading down the drain, polluting our waterways.

There’s a better option

Thankfully, there is an alternative.

ZeroWasteStore has all-natural sponges to keep your house and the Earth clean. Made from wood pulp, these biodegradable sponges are super absorbent, eco-friendly, and have the same look and feel as their old-school plastic counterparts. 

When you’re done using them, you can add them to your compost bin or even bury them in your yard.

“There is now a better option that is 100% plastic-free,” @zerowastestore wrote in the video’s caption. 

So if you’re looking for ways to lower your plastic use or adopt a zero-waste lifestyle, replacing your sponges is an easy way to make an impact. 

And you can pair your new 100% plastic-free sponges with solid dishwashing soap or low-waste soap in order to ditch plastic bottles in favor of biodegradable suds.

Clean house, clean planet

Going zero waste doesn’t mean giving up the essentials. 100% plant-based options like wood pulp sponges can move into your home without the long-term commitment of plastic alternatives. 

Made from the Earth and returned to the earth, biodegradable sponges from ZeroWasteStore are your new partner in grime.

It’s time to break up with sponges that don’t break down.

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