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Interior designer reveals how to make hardware sparkle with one unexpected ingredient: 'The result is actually amazing'

"This is such a good hack."

"This is such a good hack."

Photo Credit: TikTok

Sick of throwing money away on chemical-laden cleaners? Let this viral hack rescue your wallet — and your carbon footprint.

The scoop

Self-proclaimed "secondhand interior designer" Chelsy Christina (@chelsychristina) took to TikTok to share a cleaning tip worth its weight in gold.

"You can stop cleaning your faucet with store-bought cleaner because all you need is coconut oil," she said in a popular video.

"Just use a teaspoon amount of coconut oil to polish your faucets, appliances, or anything else around the house, and the result is actually amazing."

Chelsy demonstrated on her own bathroom sink. Just a dollop of coconut oil left the faucet sparkling like silver.

"My faucet has not looked this good since I moved in!" she exclaimed.

Chelsy said she learned this hack from Alyssa Barber (@newlifestyleabb), a lifestyle influencer specializing in sustainable living and climate education. That's an endeavor we can all get behind.

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How it's helping

Chelsy's frugal hack kills two birds with one stone, saving both money and plastic waste.

A bottle of cleaning spray can set you back a few bucks and clog up a landfill down the line. But odds are, you've already got a jar of coconut oil in your pantry.

Why buy more stuff? This nourishing plant-based oil works just as well at dissolving grime. The antiviral and antifungal properties will naturally disinfect your faucet and cut through stuck-on gunk.

Coconut oil isn't the only alternative to chemical-laden cleaners. There are effective, safe, and (perhaps most importantly) cheap alternatives to many popular cleaning products that can both save money and reduce plastic usage. For further direction, refer to our guide.

So, next time you're staring down an empty bottle on cleaning day, peruse your pantry instead of the store. This sweet hack lets you save your wallet, your time, and even your faucet. We'd call that a win all around.

What everyone's saying

Commenters were amazed by how well Chelsy's hack cut through grime.

"Wait WHAT!! This is such a good hack," one wrote.

"PERIOD IT WORKS SO WELL," another said. "[Love] this hack."

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