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Expert shares non-toxic cleaning mixture that costs 'pennies': 'It doesn't get much simpler than this'

"So easy."

Expert shares non-toxic cleaning mixture

Photo Credit: @brennan.kai / TikTok

The average household in the United States spends roughly $40-50 every month on cleaning supplies, according to housekeeping service Maggy Maid, but one expert shared a simple recipe for a home cleaner that will only "cost pennies." 

How it works

In a 41-second video with more than 400 likes, TikToker Brennan Kai (@brennan.kai) demonstrated how to make a "very effective" multipurpose cleaner in a few minutes with only three ingredients.

@brennan.kai Replying to @AO Let's make a non-toxic, low-waste, affordable all-purpose cleaner with only 3 ingredients 🙌🏽♻️🧼
It doesn't get much simpler than this— simply combine Castile soap with water & some optional essential oil for scent. Mix it all up, toss it in an upcyled spray bottle… & get to cleaning!
With more opposition to such harsh chemicals being in most cleaning products, there's so much on the market these days being touted as non-toxic… but it doesn't have to cost a ton of money to live a more minimalist, health-focused, eco-friendly lifestyle. This all-purpose cleaner takes a few minutes to make, is very effective, & is a fraction of the price of store-bought cleaning solutions. 
Let me know if you give it a try!
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All you need is 14 ounces of water, two tablespoons of Castile soap, and essential oils, which Brennan Kai said helps the cleaner "smell amazing." 

"It doesn't get much simpler than this," she wrote. "Mix it all up, toss it in an upcycled spray bottle… & get to cleaning!"

After the mixture is ready, you can use it "on almost any surface."

How it's helping

While the price of Castile soap varies depending on the seller, it's generally inexpensive, with a gallon of the product available for less than $50. In other words, you could make 128 spray bottles of the cleaning mixture before needing to buy another gallon of the soap. 

The soap is vegan, making it a great choice for animal lovers. It also doesn't have toxic chemicals that can cause allergic reactions, respiratory problems, or damage the ozone layer, which protects the Earth from radiation that can damage the development of plants — key temperature regulators because they absorb carbon dioxide, a heat-trapping gas.

That's reason enough to be intrigued by this hack, but there's more good news. 

The soap can be used in a variety of other cleaning mixtures, as a pest repellent in gardens, and even for your nighttime beauty routine

And if you're able to purchase it at your nearby zero-waste store, as Brennan Kai did, you can put the soap in a refillable container, helping to eliminate plastic trash that could ultimately harm wildlife and humans

What everyone's saying

Commenters on TikTok appeared to value the simplicity of the recipe, keeping their replies similarly straightforward. 

"So easy," one person wrote, adding the "clapping hands" emoji to show her appreciation. 

"There ya go! Love it," another said.

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