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Grandmother shares ultimate recipe for 'cleaning potion' that costs just pennies to make: 'Better than anything at the store'

"I call it my cleaning potion."

All-purpose cleaner

Photo Credit: @brunchwithbabs/ Tiktok

Cleanliness is next to frugalness? The saying goes something like that — at least for this TikToker who shows off a money-saving hack for the ultimate all-purpose cleaning solution that you can make in seconds.

The scoop

The TikToker, known as "everyone's grandmother" (@brunchwithbabs), shows off her favorite all-purpose cleaner in the video. 

@brunchwithbabs 1/4 cup all purpose cleaner, 3 drops Castile soap, 16 oz water #diycleaning ♬ original sound - everyone's grandmother

"Did your mom ever tell you that you can make your own all-purpose solution for pennies on the dollar?" she asks in the TikTok.

The video shows her mixing one-fourth cup of rubbing alcohol with just three drops of Dr. Bronner's castile soap and 16 ounces of water. 

"Ready to go on anything," she says.

How it's helping

Keeping a clean home is important, but it can also be expensive when you purchase name-brand cleaning supplies that can set you back nearly $5 for a 16-ounce bottle of cleaning solution. A 32-ounce bottle of rubbing alcohol costs about $2 less than the cleaning solution and will last you a lot longer. 

And while a 32-ounce bottle of castile soap will set you back about $16, those three drops will go a long, long way. Plus, castile soap has loads of other uses around the house, too. 

Another reason DIYing your own cleaning solutions is so great is it reduces all the plastic that comes from buying new bottles every time you run out. Refilling your spray bottle can significantly cut down on plastic waste.

What everyone's saying

One TikTok commenter said they split it 50% water and 50% alcohol, and they used Dawn soap instead of castile. "Better than anything at the store," they wrote.

Another TikToker said they added a teaspoon of borax and a few drops of essential oils. "I call it my cleaning potion,"  they wrote. "It works great."

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