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Woman shares 4 simple tips to revolutionize skincare routine: 'Every little green step counts'

"I use every last drop."

Instagrammer shares beauty routine

Eco-friendly Instagrammer Kathryn Kellogg (@going.zero.waste) posted a video sharing alternatives to wasteful beauty practices that will have you feeling good inside and out.

In her viral Instagram reel, Kellogg shares four personal care substitutes that help you save money, look and feel beautiful, and implement sustainable practices into your beauty routine. 

"Every little green step counts," Kellogg says. 

Kellogg's first recommendation is to replace single-use makeup wipes and cotton rounds with reusable eco pads. These water-activated pads remove your makeup just as easily and can be used again after a quick wash. 

You can hand wash eco pads with soap and warm water and hang them to dry. If you prefer to machine wash, you can place them in a mesh laundry bag with gentle laundry detergent and let them air dry. 

Bustle estimates 7.6 billion pounds of wipes are thrown into landfills every year, which can take a hundred years to decompose. Makeup wipes are a big contributor, and transitioning to eco pads can help reduce waste.

Kellogg's next tip is investing in a makeup capsule, a versatile collection of essential makeup products. Only buying staples and multi-use products can prevent overbuying and help you save money on products you don't need. 

Try looking for products that double as eyeshadow and lipstick or a face palette that contains blush, contour, and highlight. Whether you prefer natural makeup or a glamorous night-out look, you'll have everything you need in just one small makeup bag.

Another tip Kellogg shares is ensuring you use all of each product before buying replacements. 

"I use every last drop," she says.

This will guarantee you are getting your money's worth and prevent waste. 

Once you're sure your beauty and skincare products are completely empty, Kellogg suggests saving the packaging for recycling.

Kellogg's tips are simple and easy and can truly make a difference. Reusing, recycling, and ensuring your products are empty before disposing can also help you save money and counter space. 

Instagram commenters have followed Kellogg's advice and swapped their beauty products and habits for climate-friendly alternatives.

"I love using reusable makeup remover pads," one user says. 

Another user added, "Been using a makeup capsule for a few months too! It's also fantastic to just grab when you're going away overnight." 

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