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Celebrity makeup artist demonstrates brilliant money-saving lipstick hack: 'Check this out'

There's more in that tube than meets the eye.

Brilliant money saving lipstick hack

Photo Credit: Instagram

For most lipsticks, what you see is not always what you get. 

In an Instagram Reel, celebrity makeup artist and clean beauty expert Katey Denno shares a lipstick hack to maximize the amount of product you can get from your lipstick.

To demonstrate, Denno uses lipsticks from clean, refillable beauty brand Kjaer Weis

"Let's say you get to the bottom of your beloved lipstick, and you're thinking, 'oh, well, that's done,'" Denno says after showing a well-loved lipstick with little product left in the tube.

"Check this out," she says as she switches to a brand new lipstick. "It's not done," she claims. Untwisting it fully, she explains, "this is how much we get to see."  She gently wiggles the lipstick bullet from its packaging and reveals the full bullet.

"Look at how much more lipstick is left –– that's a lot," she proclaims. About one-fifth of the actual product hides in the bottom of the package twist –– to secure the lipstick to its package –– and goes unused for most lipsticks.

Denno then says, "A lip brush becomes your best friend," recommending that using a lip brush or any small flat brush will help you reach the product remaining at the bottom of a lipstick package.

"I would scoop this out and depot it into a mini container," one user commented.

"Great hack!!" another said.

Katey Denno has beautified the faces of stars like Mindy Kaling, Zooey Deschanel, and Sadie Sink. Her Instagram page is full of clean beauty product recommendations, finished makeup looks on celebs, and makeup and beauty application videos that offer life-changing tips.

This simple lipstick hack provides a great solution to stretch your dollar and avoid wasting product, and is just one example of how Katey Denno is helping to shift the beauty community toward a cleaner and greener future.

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