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Thrifter snags vintage Atari gaming console for a fraction of its resale value: 'Definitely worth more than you paid'

"I'm sure there's someone that can appreciate it more than I would."

Atari games

Photo Credit: u/Smokey-AK47 / Reddit

A Reddit user was stunned to find an entire Atari gaming setup at their local thrift shop, all for just $50.

In a recent post on the r/ThriftStoreHauls subreddit, a user shares a photo of a massive find at a secondhand store, including an Atari gaming console, plus a huge load of games, manuals, peripherals, and software.

In the post's caption, the user explains that the small thrift store where they purchased the Atari products almost threw away all of the items but changed their minds and decided to put them on the sales floor.

"I'll try set up and try play some of the games if it works but I'll likely sell it afterwards," the user writes in a follow-up comment. "I'm sure there's someone that can appreciate it more than I would, it's just before my time … I don't know to much about it but there's YouTube to learn."

By buying goods secondhand at thrift stores, you not only save money but also help the environment by giving old products a new home and preventing them from winding up in a landfill, where they contribute to the overheating of our planet. 

On Reddit, users have shared the incredible ways they've saved money when thrifting everything from barstools and couches to kitchen appliances and pans, saving hundreds of dollars in the process.

Other Reddit users shared their excitement in the comment section.

"Glad you saved it all would be a shame to see it hit a landfill, definitely worth more than you paid!" one user writes.

"The Stationfall game in front could fetch $100 - I just checked that one but you could likely sell much of this for a good price," another writes. "But enjoy it as you will!"

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