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Frustrated tenant shares photo after repeated prohibited parking issue at apartment complex: 'Nothing ever gets done'

"These people are inconsiderate."

"These people are inconsiderate."

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An apartment complex in Texas with two dedicated parking spots for electric vehicle charging has been unable to enforce its policy. Other residents have been repeatedly parking their gas vehicles in the spots despite signage. 

A frustrated tenant took to the subreddit r/EVCharging to ask for advice in navigating the situation.

"These people are inconsiderate."
Photo Credit: Reddit

"People parking their gas vehicles at the only 2 stations is a common occurrence," they wrote. "I have brought up the issue to the front office multiple times in the past and they always tell me they're working on resolving the issue. Nothing ever gets done. And most times they just ignored my emails, so I gave up." 

They continued, adding, "But I just can't get over the fact [that] people park their gas vehicles there despite the sign that says 'EV CHARGING ONLY.' These people are inconsiderate and park there because they know it's not enforced. It's disrespectful."

Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon occurrence for electric vehicle owners, and commenters were empathetic. 

"There are a whole lot of these people who do it because they equate EVs with left leaning politics and they want to 'own the libs,'" one person wrote

Another agreed: "These people park there not because it isn't enforced, but probably as an actual form of protest against EVs for whatever twisted reason in their minds. That is my expectation based on some random reactions I get in town while driving my EV."

Indeed, there have been countless reports of people with anti-EV sentiments vandalizing and even destroying chargers out of spite, coal rolling EVs on the roads, and simply making their opinions known — and felt — by electric vehicle drivers.

These actions are even more distressing given the data on driving gas versus electric vehicles. While EVs tend to have a higher sticker price, owners save significantly on gas and maintenance in the long run, generally making EVs more affordable than gas-powered cars. Electric vehicles also produce lower emissions, making them more environmentally friendly.

So, while they may occasionally lose a parking spot — it's clear who the long-term winners are.

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