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Bargain hunter reveals how they thrifted 2 pairs of Allbirds shoes for less than $5 each: 'Great score'

"I love these shoes."

Allbirds Natural Run Tee

Photo Credit: u/insertnamehere02 / Reddit

One Reddit user just scored a pretty enviable deal at their local thrift store, finding two pairs of what appear to be very lightly worn Allbirds shoes for $4.79 a pair, after a discount.

Similar shoes are currently listed for $110 per pair on the Allbirds website. That means that this Redditor, who posted their find to the popular r/ThriftStoreHauls subreddit, got them for a whopping 96% off. And they got that deal twice.

Though this was a great thrifting find, it's far from the only one to pop up on the internet in recent months. As thrifting and secondhand shopping become increasingly popular, more thrifters are taking to social media to share their awesome scores.

One found a $400 pair of Christian Louboutin flats for only $4. Another found a $280 backpack for only $20

And the finds aren't just limited to clothing and accessories. Another Redditor was able to snag hundreds of dollars worth of Le Creuset cookware for $4. The possibilities are endless.

Thrifting isn't just a great way to save money — it's a great way to help the environment at the same time. By extending the lifespan of clothing and other textile goods, we can prevent them from ending up in landfills, where (depending on what they are made of) they can release pollutants over time.

Thrifting also reduces our dependence on fast-fashion brands, a major source of pollution due to their overuse of polyester, nylon, and plastic packaging.

As for the $4.79 Allbirds, the commenters on the Reddit thread were rightfully impressed.

"Great score! I love these shoes," writes one commenter.

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