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Redditor shares how they got a set of hundred-dollar cookware for just $8: 'Premium quality'

Reddit users are showing their support for great find.

All-Clad reddit pans

Photo Credit: u/melly_swelly / Reddit

If you haven't joined the hordes of thrifters by now, you are probably missing out on some big bargains. 

In a recent post, one lucky Redditor shared their purchase of a variety of kitchen pots and pans for $8 from Facebook Marketplace

Two of the six pieces were All-Clad — a well-recognized brand within the food industry, with prices ranging from $100 to $250 for a single fry pan. Beyond the extremely inexpensive price, the cookware in the Reddit post also appears to be in good condition and would be a welcome addition to any kitchen.

Resale has become a booming industry covering a range of products. According to a recommerce report by OfferUp — an online resale platform — it is estimated that 76% of pre-loved products for sale are non-apparel items. The report also states that recommerce grew by 15% in 2021 with $160 billion in worldwide sales. 

This shopping trend has caused many social media posts that feature purchases of used goods to go viral. People are showcasing super deals on everything from interior design items to well-crafted furniture to brand-name cookware.

Not only is thrift shopping economical, but it also helps reduce waste at landfills. In a statement on the Salvation Army's website, Managing Director Ted Troughton explains that the organization's thrift stores diverted more than 82 million pounds of textiles and household goods from reaching landfills in 2018. 

Prolonging the life of a retail product also means energy that would have been used to produce new items is instead being saved.

Young shoppers, who make up 40% of global consumers, are seen as the driving force behind the switch from retail shopping to thrifting. They are also in tune with the environmental reasons for buying used goods and provide online resale platforms like Depop with a huge customer base.

Reddit users took to the comment section to show their support for thrifting

"I'm always most jealous of the folks who are able to score All-Clad from thrift hauls," says one user

Another thrifting fan posts, "I found just one All-Clad for the price of all of those at Goodwill last week. Congrats."

"Good pick up. All clad is premium quality," wrote a third. "I still have the All-Clad frying pans I bought from the thrift. A little bar keepers friend and they are like brand new."

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