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Man stuns with photos of 'incredible' home filled with nearly entirely thrifted furniture: 'Never realized that I had a dream house'

"If you'd told me you'd paid a designer to do this, I wouldn't doubt you for a second."

"If you’d told me you’d paid a designer to do this, I wouldn’t doubt you for a second."

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When one thrifty couple on Reddit bought a house, they finally had the chance to go all-out with their dream decor: '70s space-age furniture.

"My wife and I bought our first home, a 70s mod house," said the satisfied Redditor in a post from three years ago. "I can finally put my collection of almost entirely thrifted 70s space age furniture in it."

"If you'd told me you'd paid a designer to do this, I wouldn't doubt you for a second."
Photo Credit: Reddit

He shared photos of their upstairs living room from several angles, and the retro vibe is unmistakable. Huge swoops of brown and orange are painted onto the walls, matching the abstract rug on the wood floor. 

Most of the furniture, including chairs, tables, the couch, and a freestanding fireplace unit, appears to be made of smoothly molded white plastic, supported by narrow stems on round pedestals. The wall art is made up of curved stripes in contrasting colors. Even the homeowner — in pressed slacks, a tropical print shirt, and half-rim glasses — has embraced the retro look.

His intention was to go further, too. "Plenty more rooms to work on now!" he added.

His post appeared on r/ThriftStoreHauls, a subreddit in which Redditors share the incredible items they find while shopping secondhand. 

Some have gone home with high-end clothing for cheap, while others have simply gotten good deals on the supplies they needed. Thrifters can rest easy knowing that they're saving money and keeping useful items from ending up in the trash.

But this Redditor highlighted an often-overlooked benefit, which is the possibility of finding original vintage and retro clothes, furniture, and other goods. For homeowners, fashion-lovers, and even brides-to-be with a specific aesthetic in mind, a thrift store can be a gold mine.

"This is amazing!!" one commenter said. "One might even say…groovy."

"It looks SO GOOD!! Great job!" said another Reddit00or. "If you'd told me you'd paid (a lot more than you would thrifting) a designer to do this, I wouldn't doubt you for a second."

"I never realized that I had a dream house design until I [saw] these pictures. This is incredible," another wrote

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