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Artist hits 'jackpot' after discovering treasure trove of supplies at a garage sale for only $50: 'This never happens to me'

Redditors were super stoked to see the huge score.

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A thrifty shopper got lucky after finding numerous items at a remarkable price, from markers to electronics.

The buyer posted two pictures of their purchase on the growing Reddit community r/ThriftStoreHauls, which has 2.8 million members who actively share their thrift market finds, especially after getting a deal worth showing the world.

"Just scored my biggest score yet! All up, brand new, these would total $584. I paid $50," the Redditor wrote

Art supplies
Photo Credit: u/RavenMay / Reddit

The lucky individual was able to get a large amount of POSCA markers, plus a hard drive, a PS3 remote, and sketch/coloring books from a garage sale. 

There are several reasons why thrifting is beneficial for both buyers and the environment, but not all of them are commonly known. 

Studies have actually revealed that thrifting can save shoppers an average of $1,700 per year. 

While most people are aware that buying secondhand items can save them money compared to purchasing new ones, what is often overlooked is the positive impact on our planet.

Considerable amounts of energy are needed to convert raw materials into things like plastic and electronics. This releases planet-warming gases into the air we breathe, which is also harmful to our health

The markers in the pictures were most likely made from plastic. Americans throw out about 40 million tons of plastic each year, per Statista, and only about 5% of that gets recycled, according to Greenpeace. 

Plastic also makes up 80% of all ocean pollution, which translates to around 8.8 to 11 million tons of plastic that end up in the ocean each year. 

The hard drive and PS3 remote could have become electronic waste. 

Humans produce 59 million tons of electronic waste each year, per Statista, much of which ends up in landfills, where they release hazardous compounds

Buying such items secondhand prevents them from ending up as trash in the environment, keeping the plastic in use and slowing the amount of e-waste filling landfills.

Plus, saving a few bucks is always nice. 

Redditors were super stoked to see the huge score. 

"I don't do art but I know those POSCA markers were a score!" one Redditor wrote.

"That's amazing!! My artist teens are envious!" another expressed.    

"Omg you hit the copic marker jackpot," wrote a third.

 "How?!" the original poster replied in shock. "This never happens to me!"

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