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Tesla offers irresistible deal in effort to boost sales after tumultuous quarter: 'The power of free perk is strong'

"People hesitate to buy a new car if there's uncertainty in the economy."

“People hesitate to buy a new car if there’s uncertainty in the economy.”

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If you're in the market for an electric vehicle, you may be in luck. In an attempt to boost sales, Tesla is offering six months of free supercharging to all new buyers through the new year. 

While competition grows, Tesla remains on top and is responsible for two-thirds of total EV sales. Despite this fact, it reported a disappointing third quarter in October. 

With vehicles already at discounted rates, the clean energy automotive company's new incentive hopes to boost final quarter sales for the year. Elektrek reported, "It's an easy, low-cost way for Tesla to get people in the door."

Perhaps the larger concern is why, despite price cuts, EV sales are dropping while environmental awareness is rising. 

With gas prices finally lowering in the past several weeks, Elon Musk said, "People hesitate to buy a new car if there's uncertainty in the economy." 

USA Today reported that the lower cost is still not enough to overcome financing prices due to rising interest rates. The report also blamed the low sales of EVs on matters of convenience as far as battery, finding charging stations, and the time it takes to charge.

However, according to Tom Narayan, a global autos analyst at RBC Capital Markets, as reported by Reuters, "It does highlight … a slowdown in EV (demand). But it has more to do with pricing and affordability than a rejection of EVs."

The traditional gas-powered transportation industry is a major contributor to the overheating of our planet, accounting for more than 30% of all Earth-warming air pollution annually. Anything that encourages more EVs on the road benefits the consumer and the environment. 

One reader commented, "The power of free perk is strong and it is a good way for Tesla to improve sales."

Musk said, "The company's main goal at the moment is to make its cars affordable in an environment where affordability is a challenge."

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