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Toyota boasts new battery technology with 745-mile range and 10-minute charging time — here's how it may impact mass EV adoption

The potential to significantly reduce pollution could be huge.

The potential to significantly reduce pollution could be huge.

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Toyota is gaining confidence in bringing new battery technology to the electric vehicle market that could shake up the whole sector. 

The Japanese manufacturer has been working on delivering solid-state EV batteries in future models, which could increase driving range and decrease charging times.

According to Toyota, as Yahoo Finance reported, these batteries could deliver 745 miles on a single charge, while recharging would only take around 10 minutes.

The company has estimated that vehicles boasting solid-state batteries could be available starting in 2027 or 2028.

Such technology could make a real difference in consumer choices, with many unconvinced about switching from dirty-fuel-powered cars to cleaner electric ones because of concerns about driving range.

According to a poll by the Washington Post and the University of Maryland, 74% of 1,404 respondents believed that gas-powered cars are the better choice when making trips of over 250 miles. 

Meanwhile, only 10% of respondents thought that fully electric vehicles offer convenience when it comes to recharging. 

But Toyota is taking steps to ensure the latter problem becomes less of an issue. The brand announced in October that it signed an agreement with Tesla that will allow Toyota customers to access Tesla's 12,000-strong Supercharger network in North America. 

It will also adopt the North American Charging Standard (NACS) on vehicles from 2025, making it easier to find standardized charging infrastructure when out on long journeys. 

While Toyota has been talking up the solid-state battery technology, it has been cautious about the speed of rolling it out.

At a news conference in October, Toyota president Koji Sato said, per the Financial Times: "I think the most important thing at the moment is to put out [the solid-state batteries] into the world and we will consider expansion in volume from there."

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the planet-warming pollution that electric cars create over their lifespan — including battery manufacturing — is significantly lower than gas-powered versions. 

With EV-battery recycling gaining traction, too, EVs are far better for the environment because there is less of a need to mine for raw materials — like lithium and cobalt –— to make new batteries. 

If solid-state batteries can be brought to market sooner rather than later, the potential to significantly reduce pollution caused by internal combustion engine machines could be huge. 

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