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Image of Teslas ready to ship sparks speculation over new model features: 'Really excited for real specs'

"Release the Ludicrous!"

"Release the Ludicrous!"

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While Tesla recently dealt with layoffs, per Business Insider, and a recall of the Cybertruck, recent footage suggests that Tesla is gearing up to ship a new Tesla Model 3. 

In a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, Morten Grove (@mortenlund89) posted an image of Teslas ready to ship near Shanghai. 

"BREAKING Model 3 Performance 'Ludicrous' spotted at Shanghai's port ready to export in new WuWa video. Notice the covered spoiler," the post reads.

The image comes from an eight-minute video uploaded by WuWa showcasing the fleet of Teslas in the Shanghai Southport. Eager Tesla fans were quick to point out what appears to be the successor to the Tesla Model 3, dubbed "Ludicrous" by fans of the company. 

What differentiates the Ludicrous model from the base and mid-range Model 3 are a revamped front and rear, a sportier spoiler, upgraded wheels, carbon fiber dash, and a unique badge honoring the namesake of the Ludicrous from the movie "Spaceballs," per Teslarati

Tesla has been silent regarding this new model, after unveiling an upgraded version earlier this year, but fans are excited to hear more about the release of this new electric vehicle.

Electric vehicles can help save drivers money, with average annual costs on fuel less than half of what it is for gas-powered cars. In addition, they benefit the planet by curbing pollution that leads to extreme weather.

And the technology continues to grow to become more convenient, affordable, and efficient. Tesla's Model Y, which outpaced competitors to be the top-selling EV of 2023, allows drivers to commute all week without charging. 

Tesla is also improving storage of energy elsewhere, with their solar roofs and Powerwall storage systems helping consumers save money on electric bills.

The footage of the potential new "Ludicrous" Model 3 gives Tesla fans more reason to be excited about the potential release of a new electric vehicle to hit the roads.

"Release the Ludicrous!" one fan posted.

"Nice - really excited for real specs (not speculation), reviews, as well as having a go myself," commented another.

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