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Tesla releases new off-roading features and more for Cybertrucks — here's what to expect

"I wonder what remains to be added."

"I wonder what remains to be added."

Photo Credit: Cybertruck

Tesla's Cybertrucks are getting a big new update.

The company has announced a new software update for its all-electric pickup trucks that will expand the vehicle's off-roading abilities — even though the first Cybertrucks were delivered to drivers just a few months ago.

The company posted a social media update detailing numerous new features. Off-Road Mode will have two different sub-modes: Overland Mode, which will deliver better traction and handling on bumpy terrain, and Baja Mode, which will improve vehicle balance and allow for freer handling.

The update also introduces a locking differential feature that will allow the Cybertruck to detect when one wheel is lacking traction, and it will then direct its torque toward the opposite wheel to compensate.

There will also be a trail assist mode, which is described as a feature similar to cruise control but intended for off-roading purposes, setting a consistent cruising speed for both ascent and descent.

Improvements will also be made when driving on slippery surfaces and handling heavy loads. Additionally, the update will introduce "CyberTent Mode," which levels the suspension and keeps the tonneau cover open so drivers can comfortably sleep in the bed of the truck.

Tesla's efforts to electrify the world's passenger vehicles mark an important step in combating the climate crisis, as gas-guzzling vehicles produce a staggering 10,000 pounds of planet-warming carbon pollution from their tailpipes each year.

Electric vehicles, on the other hand, get their power from the grid, all the sources of which (even coal) produce less carbon per mile of use than gasoline — and they require less maintenance than their traditional counterparts.

Other exciting developments from Tesla include the forthcoming release of the Tesla Roadster, the adoption of autonomous braking that can save lives, and the development of a new affordable vehicle from the company that will help increase its reach.

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The Cybertruck has been a polarizing vehicle since it was announced, so Electrek users' reactions were mixed. Some still wondered about safety concerns regarding the accelerator pedal that prompted a recall, while others shared their excitement about the truck in the comment section of a report on the updates. 

"The cybertruck is awesome plain and simple!" one user said.

"Good that Tesla is adding features…and I wonder what remains to be added," another user pondered.

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