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Tesla driver overwhelmed with gratitude after car's incredible last-second intervention: 'You have a customer for life'

Autonomous emergency braking is one of Tesla's many safety features.

Autonomous emergency braking is one of Tesla's many safety features.

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One shaken Redditor took to r/teslamotors to share their story after their Tesla vehicle saved them from a situation that could easily have turned deadly.

"My Model 3 saved my life today," they said in the post.

According to the Redditor, they were driving home on the highway in heavy, "basically stopped" traffic. They wanted to change lanes, but the number of cars was making it difficult. "Problem was there were a lot of oncoming cars and almost no breaks in between them," they said. 

As soon as they saw an opening, they took it: "I saw a decent sized gap coming in the cars and decided to try and change lanes as fast as I could. So I hit the accelerator."

However, their car didn't respond the way they expected. "My car moved about two feet and then stopped. No warnings or beeps, just stopped," they said.

That sudden stop was the Model 3's way of saving the Redditor's life.

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"For a split second I thought that was weird," they wrote. "After that brief moment I saw out my left side that a car had swerved into the middle lane (the one I was merging into) at a high speed moments before I tried to merge. The car stopped me from accelerating so I wouldn't be T-boned by a large SUV at 70 miles per hour."

Autonomous emergency braking is one of Tesla's many safety features. Its advanced vehicles come equipped with a system to detect approaching cars and stop the vehicle before impact. This feature helps eliminate driver error, one of the main causes of accidents.

As Tesla's safety features get more and more sophisticated, they've joined the list of reasons to buy one of these unique electric vehicles. Benefits of EVs include lower fuel costs, lower maintenance costs, and less production of heat-trapping air pollution.

Commenters were excited about the story. "Do you have the dashcam footage? That would be cool to see," one user said.

"Didn't save it at the time because I was super shook, but let me see," the original poster replied.

Other commenters shared stories about their own Tesla vehicles, from harrowing near-crashes to simple everyday parking help. "My Tesla stopped me from bumping into my garage wall while parking about five minutes ago. Love it," one user said.

The original poster loved it, too.

"Thank you Tesla; you have a customer for life," they said.

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