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A new video of a Tesla Cybertruck 'trolling' a Ford F-150 is heating up the rivalry between the two car companies

The truck has certainly drawn mixed reviews regarding its appearance.

Tesla Cybertruck

Photo Credit: @teslaownersSV / Twitter

The market for pickup trucks in the electric vehicle sector may have started slow, but with sales heating up, so are the rivalries between the brands that sell them. 

Tesla seems to understand the attention its Cybertruck gains from its public outings, and with that in mind, it couldn't help trolling one of its closest competitors.

Twitter user Nic Cruz Patane (@niccruzpatane) posted a video of a Cybertruck cruising down the highway in an unusual wrap job, making it look like a Ford Lightning F-150. 

Ford's flagship electric pickup won North American Truck of the Year for the third time in 2023, so it's undoubtedly in Tesla's crosshairs.

Tesla's first pickup will soon make its official public bow, with company CEO Elon Musk saying in an earnings call that orders should begin delivery at the end of September. 

And with few specifications for the model confirmed, most people are relying on sightings of prototype models to understand what they can expect when the Cybertruck is finally available to consumers. 

While the wrap job doesn't necessarily help to increase knowledge of what we can expect from the Cybertruck, it's certainly an interesting jab at the brand's new rival. 

But early predictions suggest the Cybertruck could make a serious impact not just in the electric vehicle space, but in the gas-powered market, too.

By May, it already had 1.5 million preorders, and such success could signify a shift in the wider market. If the interest is met by consumer confidence, it could become one of the most successful vehicles the brand has produced, not to mention one of the most popular vehicles on the road in all. 

That doesn't mean it isn't controversial, though. The truck has certainly drawn mixed reviews regarding its appearance. 

But all in all, the presence of more electric pickups on the road will be a welcome sight. 

Light-duty vehicles accounted for 58% of fuel emissions on United States roads in 2021, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. So replacing gas-powered models with electric versions that produce zero tailpipe emissions will be immensely important as consumers and vehicle owners try to make wiser choices to prevent global heating. 

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