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Tesla owner slams the car company after finding a litany of issues with his $140,000 Model S: 'Absolutely horrible'

"I don't understand."

Issue with Tesla Model S Plaid

Photo Credit: u/xpxf69/ Reddit

EVs are only getting more popular, and Tesla certainly deserves a big portion of the credit for showing drivers that high-end electric vehicles are more than just a fantasy.

Still, when it comes to actually manufacturing these cars, the evidence continues to pile up that Tesla has more than its share of shortcomings.

One Redditor posted a popular video on r/Wellthatsucks detailing all of the problems with his brand new $140,000 Tesla Model S Plaid. 

"I don't understand," he says while poking around the loose, unsecured door trim, front trunk, and more. "Can somebody please explain to me the build quality of Teslas?"

"I understand Teslas are pretty much computers and they happen to manufacture vehicles," he continues, "but the bits and pieces don't fit, nothing is flush. It looks like toddlers put this together during recess."

The unhappy driver's fellow Redditors were quick to weigh in.

"Sister and her partner have a Model X," one commenter writes. "The doors never close 100% making it absolutely horrible for your feet in winter."

"My friend has the same model," another commenter adds. "Can confirm the same quality build. But he showed me the dash bends and moves just as bad!"

"Some assembly is required!" writes a third. "All jokes aside, that must sting for the owner."

As for the reasons why this incredibly expensive car seemingly has so many issues, many commenters speculated that the company's treatment of its employees was part of the problem.

This is far from the first time that Teslas have made the internet buzz for their faultiness. 

The company is currently under investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for several crashes where self-driving Teslas ran into parked emergency vehicles, including one where the driver was killed. 

There have also been reports of Tesla steering wheels falling off while the car was in motion, and Tesla batteries spontaneously bursting into flames.

Luckily for any prospective EV buyers, however, there are now many other EVs on the market that cost a fraction of Tesla's asking price and don't come with a litany of assembly and safety issues.

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