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Coach's new program can land you a designer bag for a steal — here's how it works

It's also much better for the environment than just throwing out your accessories or clothes. 

Coachtopia Coach bags program

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The luxury brand Coach has launched "Coachtopia" — a circular initiative that will give you store credit for turning in your used items. 

How does Coachtopia work? 

Coachtopia works to reduce waste by recycling old materials through a buyback program and prioritizing renewable materials. 

The program invests in renewable materials such as leather from farms that prioritize increasing biological diversity and soil health, scraps from recycled Coach items, and leftovers from the creation of new pieces. 

An integral part of Coachtopia is the buyback program — Coach (Re) Loved — that allows shoppers to turn in their old Coach items for store credit. All they need to do is bring the item to a Coach store or set up a video call with staff who will decide if it is acceptable for the program. 

If it is, you'll receive store credit for up to $200, and if not, Coach will still give you the option to recycle your item. 

Why should I participate in the Coach (Re) Loved program? 

Buying from the Coach (Re) Loved program is a fantastic way to save money — recycled and resold items are cheaper than brand-new items. Plus, if you turn in your used items, you can get some money back while also making room for new purchases. 

In addition to all of that, it's also much better for the environment than just throwing out your accessories or clothes. 

The program as a whole works to "avoid the creation of new materials," which is responsible for 38% of the fashion industry's planet-warming gases, reports McKinsey and Company. 

Coach is especially known for purses and bags, which are not biodegradable. Some of the individual materials may be biodegradable, but parts of the bags such as zippers, buckles, and metal decorations like rhinestones will not break down in landfills. 

By recycling your accessories through Coach's program, you'll save money and cut down on the number of handbags and accessories left to sit in landfills. 

Are there similar programs to the Coach (Re) Loved program? 

A number of brands are now offering programs like the Coach (Re) Loved program. . 

Francesca's, a clothing and accessories boutique, offers a buyback program — and the items don't even need to be from that store. Similarly, the brand Lackadazee offers a trade-in and recycling program for gemstones and jewelry. 

A number of programs also exist for non-clothing items like technology, books, and even beauty products.

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