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This popular fashion brand lets you 'trade in' your old clothes and accessories for new ones — here's how to try it

A growing number of consumers want to keep new clothing out of landfills.

Forever francesca's, Trade old clothes for new ones

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Popular retail clothing and accessories chain francesca's and franki by francesca's boutiques, has launched "forever francesca's," a 360-resale program powered by the leading resale platform, thredUP.

What is forever francesca's?

The new forever francesca's platform allows customers to shop for secondhand apparel, shoes, and accessories online and resell their pre-loved items from any brand for in-store shopping credit. This partnership with thredUP allows francesca's to offer customers a range of products while promoting circularity and sustainability.

Why is francesa's resale platform important? 

"We are aware of the environmental impact apparel has on our planet, and our work with thredUP in launching 'forever francesca's' is an important first step in doing our part to make a difference," Jann Parish, chief marketing officer at francesca's, said in a press release

"Our millennial and Gen Z customers value their eco footprint but they also come to our boutique for a fun opportunity to find something unique – resale is the perfect blend of both of those experiences," Parish added. "This strategic alignment with thredUP allows us to innovate how we go to market and offer customers unique product solutions that meet their shifting demands."

The fashion industry has a significant impact on the environment, with about 9 million tons of clothing items estimated to be thrown away in 2018, according to the EPA's clothing and footwear waste estimates. 

A growing number of consumers want to keep new clothing out of landfills; a recent thredUP report found that 62% of Gen Z and millennial shoppers said they look for secondhand items first before purchasing a new item.

The benefits of buying and selling secondhand clothing go beyond reducing waste. It can also help consumers save money.

Additionally, buying secondhand clothing reduces the demand for new clothing production, which can be resource-intensive and environmentally damaging.

How forever francesca's works

Customers can shop the existing resale collection online at the francesca's shop on the thredUP website. 

You can also earn store credit by sending in worn clothing and accessories — the items can be from any label, not just a francesca's product. Download prepaid shipping labels from francesca's website, pack items up in any box or bag, and ship them for free. francesca's currently takes any women's and kid's items. 

The program works like a number of other programs. Reformation pays consumers to send back their worn items, including shoes. Popular athleisure label lululemon also has a similar program.

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