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InStyler wants to trade you a brand-new hairstyling tool in exchange for your old broken one — here's how to try it

InStyler will recycle your hair styling tool, whether it's old, unused, or non-working.

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InStyler's recycling program lets you mail in your old hair styling tools to be recycled for free in exchange for a discount coupon to help tackle the growing e-waste problem. 

How does the InStyler recycling program work?

InStyler will recycle your hair styling tool, whether it's old, unused, or non-working. Some example tools include hair dryers, flat irons, curling iron, and hot rollers. 

It doesn't matter if your hair styling tool came from a different brand. InStyler also accepts tools made by companies like Revlon, Conair, and Harry Josh.

Your hair tool is eligible for InStyler's recycling program if it was designed specifically to style or dry your hair and if it is powered by a battery or a 110V plug. You must live in the U.S.

To get started, fill out the form on InStyler's website, where you'll provide some details about the product that needs recycling. InStyler will then send further instructions about how to prepare your item for recycling. 

Once InStyler has received your unwanted tool, the company will email you a 35% coupon code that can be used on a new, full-size InStyler tool.

Why should I use the InStyler recycling program?

InStyler has provided an easy way to declutter some of the old electrical appliances you might be holding onto in your home — something that many consumers struggle with. 

About 57% of consumers worldwide are concerned about the environmental impact of the old appliances they have in their homes but do not know how to dispose of them sustainably or do not trust the options available to them.

InStyler promises to recycle 100% of the appliances it receives. This program will help to tackle the growing mountain of e-waste in the U.S. In 2019, the U.S. produced 11.9 million tons of e-waste, while 59 million tons were produced globally, up from 37.2 million in 2010.

Small equipment makes up a large share of electronic waste, which includes items like hair dryers and curling irons. In 2019, more than 19 tons of the e-waste produced came from small equipment.

Once it reaches a landfill, electronic waste can have devastating effects on the environment. Often appliances are made with toxic materials like mercury, arsenic, or lead, which can leak into the surrounding water, air, and soil.

Throwing out old electronics is also a waste of precious metals, like gold, silver, or copper, which are finite, nonrenewable resources. And mining for these precious metals is linked with human rights abuses and funding for armed conflict, as well as contaminating the surrounding environment. 

Are there similar programs to InStyler's recycling initiative?

Cloud Nine operates a similar recycling service in the U.K. Like InStyler, it will accept hair tools no matter what brand or condition they are in, and it will recycle them free of charge. The company says that its aim is to divert 1.5 million hair appliances from landfills. 

Other programs to check out for general e-waste include Nikon and GameStop.

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