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This luxury bag company will pay you top dollar for your old purses and handbags — here's how to take advantage

"We hate waste."

Dagne Dover bag, Vintage program

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Want to reduce waste and keep clutter to a minimum? High-end bag label Dagne Dover's Almost Vintage program can help you do both.

How Dagne Dover's Almost Vintage program works

If you already own a Dagne Dover brand bag but are looking to replace it, you can head over to the Dagne Dover's Almost Vintage site. There, you'll follow the site prompts to list your bag for resale. The label says it takes just a few clicks to list your item. 

"We'll recommend a listing price based on the original price and condition of your item," the label says.

Once there's a buyer for your bag, Dagne Dover will email you a prepaid shipping label. You print it, drop the bag in the mail and wait for the buyer to approve of the item within three days

Then, you get paid. "Once your item sells (yay! go you!) and your buyer receives and accepts it, it's time to cash out and make that money," Dagne Dover says on the website. "Redeem your earnings as cash to receive 70% of the sale price or get Dagne Dover store credit for 100% of the sale price (which basically means you can get a new bag just for being a good human)."

Why should I use Dagne Dover's Almost Vintage program?

"We hate waste. We're also not big fans of clutter. Especially when it comes to our bags and landfills," Dagne Dover says on the Almost Vintage website. "So we're doing something about it."

Programs like Dagne Dover's Almost Vintage are so vital because of the craftsmanship and work that goes into making the bags in the first place. The label's bags are an investment, and buying them second hand gets you that craftsmanship at a fraction of the price you'd pay for a new Dagne Dover bag.

Listing your bag for resale, or shopping for pre-loved bags keeps those bags from winding up in the waste stream and keeps them out of landfills. This is important because landfills produce harmful, planet-heating pollutants

Are there other programs like Dagne Dover's Almost Vintage

Trade-in and buyback programs like Dagne Dover's are popping up all over the place. Marine Layer pays you $5 for every T-shirt you recycle. Luxury linen brand Coyuchi will also take back your gently used bedding, towels, and apparel as part of its 2nd Home platform, and you earn credit toward new items.

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