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This bedding company gives you huge discounts in exchange for your old sheets and pillows — and they even pay for shipping

The program is circular.

Coyuchi, old bedding for huge discounts

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The brand Coyuchi is revolutionizing buying linens — its trade-in program allows you to return your bedding when you no longer want it for 15% off your next order. It's a great option for your wallet and the environment. 

How does the Coyuchi bedding program work? 

The program is circular. First, it makes high-quality bedding from organic cotton, latex, and linen. Once customers have used the bedding for a while and are looking to find something new, they simply send it back to Coyuchi with a prepaid shipping label. 

From there, customers will receive a 15% off coupon to buy new bedding, and their old bedding will be sent to the 2nd Home Renewed program. The used linens are either renewed, upcycled, or recycled

If they are in good shape, they are renewed — cleaned with liquid carbon dioxide, which they say "removes oils, particulates, and odors," mended, and then resold as a "renewed" product for others to purchase

If it cannot be renewed, the material is either upcycled or recycled

Is it worth it? 

Definitely! Coyuchi prides itself on making high-quality, long-lasting items. It uses quality organic materials, which, in the company's words, "are naturally absorbent and breathable, providing premium comfort that is gentle against sensitive skin and lasts for generations." 

The brand places emphasis on the fact that you won't be sending your bedding back because you've worn through it, but rather because you want something new. 

Coyuchi also focuses on being sustainable and environmentally friendly from start to finish. The materials it uses are sourced in ethical conditions with an emphasis on creating the smallest possible environmental impact. 

Each year, more than 11.3 million tons of textile waste are sent to landfills, the EPA reports. As these textiles slowly break down, they release toxic chemicals into water, soil, and the atmosphere

Coyuchi purposely uses organic materials that do not have any artificial additives so that once the bedding has been used to its full capacity and the material must be disposed of, it will not release these toxic substances into the environment. 

Additionally, it uses liquid carbon dioxide to clean the materials as opposed to copious amounts of water and environmentally harmful chemicals.

Are there other companies like Coyuchi?

Yes! Other companies that have similar trade-in programs to save you money and help the environment include Lululemon, Nikon, and Patagonia.

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