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Professional chef shares the biggest problem home cooks face when shopping for veggies: 'It's because it's dehydrated'

"Before you know it, you are gonna have this luxurious piece of kale."

Wilting kale

Photo Credit: @healthnutnutrition/ TikTok

A TikTok user has shared a smart hack for keeping produce fresh, saving you money and trips to the grocery store with nothing but a little bit of water.

The scoop

In a recent TikTok, a user named Nikole showed off her clever hack for keeping fruits and vegetables fresh, only using a jar of water, a little ice, and scissors. She uses wilting kale as an example in the video.

"When your kale is looking sad … it's because it's dehydrated," Nikole explains. "Fruits and veggies are made up of mostly water, so to bring it back to life, we are gonna add water. But in order to do this, you're gonna have to slice off the end of the stem to get a fresh cut so it can actually absorb water. Kind of like what you do with a fresh bouquet of flowers."

"Fill up a mason jar with some ice water, stick your sad-looking kale in, and just let it sit on the counter," she says. "I just let it sit there through the day. And before you know it, you are gonna have this luxurious piece of kale."

@healthnutnutrition This is the hack to keep your kale looking fresh when it needs a second chance at life #kalehack #kalerecipe #groceryhack #foodwastetip ♬ original sound - Nikole Goncalves

Nikole explains that this trick works for everything from broccoli to asparagus to herbs, and it works every time.

How it's helping

Keeping produce fresh allows you to use more of the food you purchase, saving you money on replacing fruits and veggies you ordinarily throw out when they lose their luster. Around one-third of all food we purchase in the United States is wasted every year — around 119 billion pounds, according to Feeding America — so it's vital that we reduce our individual food waste as much as possible. By reducing food waste, we shrink the amount of garbage that ends up rotting in landfills, where it pollutes our environment and contributes to the dangerous overheating of our planet.

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