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Vacationer sparks outrage after sharing image of the breakfast served at their hotel: 'This is just ridiculous'

The fight against single-use plastics has been going on for decades.

Single-use plastic

Photo Credit: u/bernardmarx27 / Reddit

In a popular Reddit post, one Redditor shares an egregious use of single-use plastic.

You can see four — yes, four — individually wrapped slices of bread at a hotel breakfast area in the picture posted to a subreddit for infuriating topics.  

The poster captioned the photo, "Individual slices of bread wrapped in plastic. Does anyone realize how f****** wasteful s*** like this is?"

The picture does illustrate some initiative taken in the spirit of food safety and hygiene, especially following the pandemic. But with the risk of getting COVID-19 from touching surfaces lower than initially thought, many of us are left wondering why businesses like this one continue to utilize single-use plastics when there's no need.

Especially since single-use plastics might be considered public enemy number one when it comes to polluting our planet.

Plastic products do not decompose naturally. Instead, they break down into tiny particles that contaminate our surroundings. Microplastics, which are even smaller particles produced by the breakdown of single-use plastic, contaminate our water, soil, air, and food.

The fight against single-use plastics has been going on for decades. Since the 1960s, people have been calling for the reduction and ban of single-use plastics worldwide.

In fairness, there are several instances where single-use plastic is more accepted.

The medical community relies on single-use plastic to keep medical devices clean and protected to avoid infections and cross-contamination. Similarly, the hospitality and food service industries also have some fair applications of single-use plastic where few alternatives exist.

Fortunately, companies and consumers everywhere are beginning to find alternatives to single-use plastics.

One manufacturer has found a tasty solution by producing edible utensils that can be eaten or composted. However, progressive policies, like those from the UK and India, are making the greatest impact in pushing companies and consumers away from single-use plastics

This post should serve as inspiration to the average eco-friendly shopper. By supporting eco-friendly brands, consumers can signal to company leaders the importance of sustainable business practices.

A few Reddit users highlighted other places you could find bread packaged this way, such as hotels and hospitals, while one person added, "This is how we serve bread in the prison system."

Another Redditor captured the mood nicely when they said, "This is just ridiculous."

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