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'Edible utensils' are the latest trend in plastic waste reduction — here's how you can get a taste

How one trend is taking the phrase "clean your plate" to the next level.

Edible utensils are introducing to curb pollution

What's the worst part of getting takeout? Is it the feeling you get when all the food is gone and you're still hungry, but all you have left is plastic utensils? 

For tons of people, this distaste for plastic waste is driving companies across the country to invent edible products, like straws, spoons, or even coffee cups. Now, instead of finishing your meal and throwing away single-use utensils, you can take a bite out of the ever-growing mounds of plastic pollution that are filling our landfills and oceans with trash. 

Here are three edible utensils that you'll feel good about using:



These straws are biodegradable and totally free of plastic, meaning you don't have to worry about trying to recycle them or staying in a landfill forever. Instead, these flavored straws can add a little oomf to your drinks. But don't worry about them changing the taste of your beverages — you can only notice their flavor when you bite into them. And unlike soggy paper straws, these ones can last for 40 minutes in your drink.

$41.97 for a pack of 200

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Edible Straws are introducing by many companies


If you hate trashing single use coffee cups all the time, these edible options could be for you. And although these super tasty cups should be thought of as an after-coffee treat, they're low-cal. These flavored cups also have the benefit of protecting your hands from hot drinks –– you can fill them with piping hot coffee that's up to 185ºF without burning your fingers.

$11.74 for 22 cups

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Edible Coffee Cups


These edible utensils are not only fully vegan, but they're also delicious, coming in a variety of different flavors. Incredible Eats spoons also last a full half hour, making them incredibly durable. Finally, these 20-calorie spoons are made with sustainability in mind, as they come in recyclable paper packaging.

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Edible Spoons are introducing to curb pollution

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