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TikToker shares clever hack to keep celery crisp for weeks: 'That's all it takes'

Who knew keeping celery fresh could be such a win for your produce, your pocket, and the planet?

Clever celery hack keeps produce crisp for weeks

Photo Credit: Tiktok

Although celery is typically used in small portions, it's usually sold in giant bunches, which can make it difficult to buy the right quantity. You might take one or two stalks out of the bag to make a tuna salad and then close it back up and throw it in the back of your fridge. Then two weeks later, when you decide to snack on some celery sticks, you open the fridge and find your celery is wilted and flimsy. 

Yuck. Now you're throwing out food that you could have eaten and wasting your hard-earned money.

To solve the limp produce problem and help keep celery fresh, Yumna, a.k.a. Feel Good Foodie, suggests immediately chopping up the vegetable when you get home from the store and placing it in a glass container with water before storing it in the fridge. That's all it takes.

@feelgoodfoodie How to wash and store celery for weeks! 🙌 #tiktokpartner #learnontiktok #celery #kitchentips #howto ♬ original sound - Feel Good Foodie

Did you hear that crunch? Yumna says her celery lasts weeks when she stores it this way. 

Bonus: This method works great for carrot sticks, as well. Ditto for herbs, which can be stored in a jar of water, like a bouquet, in the fridge to keep them fresh longer. 

Seeing as 24% of the garbage in U.S. landfills is food — which releases methane gas as it rots, contributing to Earth's overheating — a key strategy in protecting our communities is to throw away less food. 

Who knew keeping celery fresh could be such a nice little win for your produce, your pocket, and the planet?

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