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Food influencer shares simple hack for keeping carrots fresh and crisp for weeks: 'Works brilliantly'

"They should last for weeks."

Hack for keeping carrots fresh | how to keep carrots fresh

Because carrots don't wilt like spinach or mold like berries, it can be hard to tell when these orange root vegetables are past their peak freshness — that is, until you decide to try one and end up with a gross, rubbery bite.

Thankfully, one food influencer has a hack for keeping carrots crisp and fresh for longer, so you won't have to guess whether or not your carrots are fresh.

Sarah Brown (@sezzy.brown) is a Melbourne-based foodie sharing plant-based recipes on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. In an Instagram Reel, Brown shared a tip for storing carrots to preserve freshness. 

First, Brown grabs an airtight jar filled with carrots sticks, and adds water to the brim. She claims this method will keep carrots crisp and fresh for over four weeks.

Carrots lose their crispness as they lose moisture, so storing these vegetables in water will help prevent dehydration and preserve the crunch. You can even use this hack to help older carrots restore their crunchiness.

Of course, Brown's four-week timeline is just an estimate. If the water gets too cloudy, go ahead and change it out — this will make sure your carrots don't get too slimy.

Some people chimed in with their experiences and opinions in the comments of Brown's post.

"Started storing our carrots this way last year, even grated. Works brilliantly," one user commented.

"Should last for weeks if covered anyway. Don't use water, loses vitamins," another added. 

Removing the leafy green tops — about an inch into the root — will also help keep carrots fresh for longer. These carrot tops can draw in moisture, further dehydrating carrots and causing the veggie to become rubbery. Carrot greens can be stored like other herbs and taste similar to parsley.

Before you throw out floppy carrots, try using them in a soup or stew, making a dip out of them, baking them into a carrot cake, or even pickling them.

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