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Nutrition specialist reveals her secret to eating healthy for half the price: 'So many nutrient-dense and delicious options'

There are participating locations across the United States.

There are participating locations across the United States.

Photo Credit: @holyyholistic / TikTok

Eating a healthy, balanced diet can be tough with the surmounting price of groceries. One TikTok user is sharing her secret to saving money while also eating a nutritious diet. 

The scoop

User Holyholistic (@holyyholistic) shared a video of her hacks for inexpensive groceries, and it's taking her comments section by storm

In the video, the user explains that she uses the Flashfood app to help save money on groceries. She notes that there are participating locations across the United States with big deals on all of the groceries you need. 

She explains that the app works by buying discounted food items straight on the app. Then, you can pick up the food in the Flashfood section of the grocery store. There are many major grocers that participate, including Stop & Shop, Kroger, and Meijer. 

@holyyholistic I found the secret to saving money and time while eating healthy! Go check out the deals near you! @Flashfood #flashfood #flashfoodpartner #groceryshopping #healthyliving #healthylifestyle #fypage #fyp ♬ Sunday - HNNY

"There are so many nutrient-dense and delicious options. You guys have to go download this app," she says. 

How it's helping

Flashfood appears to solve one problem — expensive groceries — but it also solves another, too: food waste. The app works by telling customers what stores have food that is approaching its expiration date and may be otherwise thrown away. This means discounts for the customers, as well as food kept out of landfills. 

Food waste is a pervasive problem in this country. Close to 80 million tons of food is thrown out each year, including imperfect food that fails to meet grocery standards or a bag of potatoes that gets forgotten about on the counter. 

In a landfill, the food releases planet-warming methane gas. Plus, throwing it out essentially wastes all the resources, like water, land, fertilizers, and air pollution it took to grow it. That means that food waste isn't just food waste — it's everything waste. 

This hack helps divert food that would be otherwise tossed into the hands of folks who can use it for nutritious, satiating meals — and for a great deal to boot. 

What everyone's saying 

Users were impressed with the functionality of the app and what it could mean for their journey to live a healthier lifestyle. 

"Need this," one user wrote. 

"Woooooowwwieeee," said another.

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