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This company turns desert trash into jewelry, furniture, and more

Precious Plastic sees ordinary people as a major key in solving our planet's plastic problem.

Precious Plastic company turning desert trash into furniture

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To say the world is facing a plastic problem is a bit of an understatement. 

According to the United Nations Environment Programme, humankind produces about 400 million tons of plastic waste per year. And, out of the 7 billion tons of plastic trash created globally by humans throughout history, less than 10% has actually been recycled

This means that plastic often ends up polluting our lakes, rivers, and oceans, wreaking havoc on the environment and posing serious social, economic, and personal health consequences. 

One startup company believes part of the solution lies with an unexpected hero: all of us.

Precious Plastic sees ordinary people as a major key in solving our planet's plastic problem. By offering starter kits, instructions, and a global marketplace, Precious Plastic helps people repurpose plastic waste into jewelry, furniture, art, lighting fixtures, and so much more.

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Precious Plastic is a collection of people, machines, platforms, and knowledge that have come together to create an alternative global recycling system. The company provides all of the information and resources necessary to turn plastic waste into a beautiful material, with real people coming together to bring these solutions to life. 

Anyone in the world can start a local Precious Plastic network using the group's online starter kit. 

The good news is that there are many Precious Plastic spaces, where just about anyone can get involved in the group's mission.

There are Precious Plastic shredder workspaces, where plastic gets transformed from waste into valuable raw materials or products. Less-experienced recyclers can work at collection points to gather plastic from neighbors, organizations, and businesses to be processed by local shredder workspaces. 

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The dedicated people who maintain these networks and spaces share knowledge, tips, and tricks with others around the world to arrive at solutions to the plastic problem, together. 

Precious Plastic believes all of the plastic in our world is a resource, not waste, and joining this global recycling community can be as easy as collecting plastic waste in your neighborhood — check out the group's website to learn how to get started.

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