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Home expert warns against trending food storage hack with hazardous side effects: 'There's an actual FDA warning'

"Something I wish I did not have to learn the hard way!"

"Something I wish I did not have to learn the hard way!"

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Cutting into an overly ripe avocado may be a waking nightmare for anyone who turns to the egg-shaped fruit for their breakfasts. However, a home expert is cautioning her viewers to avoid a TikTok hack that claims to make avocados last longer. 

Happily, she has another trick that avoids unwanted side effects. 

How it works

Instagrammer Nicole Jacques (@itsnicolejacques) warned her nearly 750,000 followers not to store their avocados, limes, or lemons in water.

"There's an actual FDA warning out about this viral TikTok hack," she wrote in the post's caption. "FDA researchers also found that keeping avocados in water allowed Listeria monocytogenes to permeate the fleshy pulp beneath the skin."

While the TikTok hack creates a "pathogen soup," according to Nicole, there's another way to extend the life of these three fruits. 

You simply need to wash them with baking soda under cold water. Then, store the avocado in a crisper drawer to slow the ripening process. As for lemons and limes, Nicole says to bag them after drying them off and place them in the crisper, too. 

A reusable stasher bag could ensure this hack is even more healthy and eco-friendly by eliminating excess plastic waste. 

How it's helping

Tossing food in the trash is like throwing money down the drain, and it isn't good for the planet. When produce rots in landfills, it releases a potent heat-trapping gas called methane

An overheating planet has caused more extreme weather events, such as droughts, which have impacted the availability of certain foods. In many cases, this has caused prices to skyrocket.

Getting food poisoning isn't any better, though.

According to the Mayo Clinic, Listeria infections can cause fever, nausea, and diarrhea. This foodborne illness is also particularly dangerous to pregnant women, people over 65, babies, and people with weakened immune systems. 

Thankfully, Nicole's hack is one way to safely extend the life of these popular fruits. Other ways to limit food waste and save money include eating leftovers or taking advantage of apps like Too Good to Go, which sells unsold food from restaurants at a low cost

What everyone saying

One commenter shared that they had unfortunately jumped on the viral trend — with not-so-tasty results. 

"Something I wish I did not have to learn the hard way!" they wrote. "I thought [the avocado] smelled suspect … took a bite and spit it out but still ended up with a tummy ache!"

Meanwhile, others were thankful Nicole had prevented them from making a mistake.

"This is so good to know!!!" one person said. 

"Love. Thank you for the tip," someone else wrote.

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