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Video shows tourist's terrifying stunt for photo opportunity: 'I was scared just watching'

"They don't even realize they put their lives in danger."

"They don't even realize they put their lives in danger."

Photo Credit: Instagram

Common sense isn't as common as you think. A video of Yellowstone tourists went viral for putting themselves in extreme danger — all for a photo.

Instagram account Tourons of Yellowstone (@TouronsofYellowstone) posted a short clip of tourists holding onto and moving along the cliffside of the Upper Falls, which overlooks a huge 110-foot drop and raging waterfall. 

The video was sent in by another user, who said in the post's caption that "three people decided to climb over the stone wall and onto the side of the mountain for better pictures."

Tourons of Yellowstone urged viewers: "Please do not climb over the railings! This is so dangerous … please follow the rules and be safe!"

Yellowstone and other National Parks see plenty of tourons — a combination of "tourist" and "moron." From taking selfies with dangerous wildlife like bears or bison to jumping barriers to touching boiling geysers, this behavior is both disrespectful and dangerous. 

Park rules are in place to protect visitors, wildlife, and the park, and disregarding these rules can end in injury or death. In 2016, a visitor intentionally strayed from the designated boardwalk, fell into a hot spring, and died. These kinds of accidents are entirely preventable.

The national parks exist not only for our enjoyment, but also for the preservation of our planet. Tourists can erroneously view the parks as playgrounds because they lack environmental awareness, which begins with respect for our planet and all its inhabitants. If we continue to practice respect, appreciation, and stewardship for the parks and our planet, we can ensure that these beautiful landscapes remain open for future generations to enjoy.

Users were shocked by the reckless behavior, and many comments called for the tourists to be "arrested and BANNED from national parks."

"So insane! They don't even realize they put their lives in danger," one user commented.

"I was scared just watching," added another. 

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