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Shocked onlooker captures video of tourist's dangerously close encounter with grizzly bear: 'Please don't be these people'

"The amount of people who are shockingly not mauled each year is unbelievable."

"The amount of people who are shockingly not mauled each year is unbelievable."

Photo Credit: Reddit

A Reddit user shared an infuriating video of visitors getting dangerously close to grizzly bears at Yellowstone National Park.

In a recent post on the r/Yellowstone subreddit, a user uploaded an alarming video of multiple tourists standing just feet away from an admittedly adorable grizzly bear cub.

"I've seen people not giving proper respect & space to Yellowstone wildlife pretty much every time I've been there, but this was beyond incredibly dumb & dangerous," the user wrote in their caption. "They were very very close to this mother grizzly & her distressed looking cub (far from the recommended 100 yards) & followed them across the road on foot. I could not believe it."

"Please don't be these people," the user added. "It puts both the animals & you in danger."

Getting too close to wildlife in national parks isn't just dangerous for humans — it also puts the animals in grave danger. While it's great that there remains a widespread interest in national parks because they can cultivate a greater appreciation for nature and awareness of climate justice, visiting these parks shouldn't be so disruptive to the animals that live there. 

The ignorance of these tourons (tourist morons) can cause massive stress for the animals, onlookers, and park staff — and since animals that grow accustomed to human behavior are often euthanized to keep tourists safe, these interactions put them at risk.

Unfortunately, there's been no shortage of touron behavior at national parks recently. Other videos show entitled tourists getting dangerously close to bison, elk, and other bears.

Users expressed their rage at the tourons in the comment section.

"The amount of people who are shockingly not mauled each year is unbelievable. Pass revoked," one user wrote.

"The fact that they walk in front of your viewpoint, blocking out your ability to see without a single glance back to see if they were out of your way, says everything about them. It's all about them and the pictures/video is more important than anything else," another user commented.

"I'm not going to say that some people deserve to be mauled, but some folks make it hard not to cross that line," another user said.

Mother & Baby Grizzly & some real real dumb ppl
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