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Passerby issues PSA while recording harrowing rescue of squirrel from constricting litter: 'This is so heartbreaking'

"Bless your heart for saving him."

"Bless your heart for saving him."

Photo Credit: TikTok

There are few things in this world more heartbreaking than a wounded animal or an animal in need. And few things are more infuriating than when said animal is hurt by something entirely unnecessary and avoidable. 

Jodi (@jjoriana) on TikTok experienced this indignation when she stopped to save a squirrel trapped in a piece of garbage and captured a video during the process. 

"Please be mindful," she captioned the footage. "[You're] not the only one experiencing this world." 


I was so mf scared he was gone get mad and attack my ass thats why it took me so long but i just couldnt leave him he was so mf scared 🥺

♬ original sound - jodi😚

In the video, the squirrel's entire upper body is stuck inside a plastic cup, and it is running around in a panic, evidently trying to escape. Jodi follows it cautiously as she attempts to get close enough to help. 

"Oh, he's so scared," she says as she films the squirrel. 

Finally, Jodi is able to crouch down next to the squirrel and release it from the cup. At that point, it immediately scrambles frantically up a tree and away from the suffocating nightmare it just experienced. 

This video is a sobering example of the real-life consequences of littering. According to Texas Disposal Systems, over one million animals die each year from ingesting or being trapped in improperly disposed of trash. Plastic litter is the most common killer. 

Additionally, as litter degrades, it releases harmful chemicals and microplastics into the environment. These toxins can make their way into our soil and freshwater sources and can release toxic pollution into the air when burned. 

Fortunately, there are a plethora of emerging innovations to help curb the harmful effects of this kind of waste. For example, some states are using non-recyclable products to repave roads, and a university research team is transforming plastic into usable hydrogen fuel

And we can all do our part to counteract the negative effects of littering by reducing our own waste, properly disposing of all trash, and picking up litter when we see it in public. We can even attend organized clean-ups to help out in our communities on a larger scale. Think of it this way — picking up just one cup could prevent the horrible entrapment this squirrel had to endure. 

TikTok users took to the comments section to express their sympathy for the squirrel and their gratitude to Jodi for helping out. 

"This is so heartbreaking," another commented. 

"Bless your heart for saving him," one person said.

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