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Good samaritan shares shocking before-and-after photos of their community beautification efforts: 'Incredibly satisfying'

"Thank you for making the world a little cleaner!"

Litter pickup in Belgrade, Serbia

Photo Credit: u/Icleantrash / Reddit

No one likes litter. It makes our communities dirty, it hurts wildlife, and it just doesn't look good. Luckily, there are some good samaritans out there picking up the trash some of us leave behind. 

One Redditor shared their pictures of a little neighborhood cleanup they recently did in their city. 

The post includes 18 images of before and afters from litter pickup in Belgrade, Serbia. The original poster captioned the post "Cleaned up flower pots in Belgrade, Serbia. So much trash, so little time."

Photo Credit: u/Icleantrash / Reddit
Photo Credit: u/Icleantrash / Reddit

The before images show large planter beds filled with trash, including old shoes, plastic bottles, cigarette butts, and more. The after images show those same planters now free from garbage. The post ends with the bags of trash from the cleanup and, of course, a picture of a cute neighborhood cat. 

The original poster is not alone in their quest to clean up their city. Many others around the world tend to their communities by doing litter cleanups. This post is in the subreddit r/DeTrashed, which showcases cleanup efforts. It doesn't take much to clean up your community, and these good samaritans seem to love sharing their beautification with others. 

The DeTrash movement is a community of like-minded individuals who take time to clean up litter. Some cities hold organized events to pick up trash, while some individuals make time to clean up whenever they can.

Littering is a prevalent problem in most human communities across the globe. Litter not only contributes to pollution, but it negatively affects our economy and quality of life. It's not nice to look at garbage, and the longer it sits around, the more harm it can do to our soil, air, and water. 

Every single comment on the post shared praise for the original poster who cleaned up their neighborhood. One commenter exclaimed, "Wow! Thank you for making the world a little cleaner!!!" And another said, "So incredibly satisfying. Thanks for removing all that crap. Bonus kitty!"

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