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Stunning before-and-after images reveal breathtaking impact of river restoration project: 'Great transformation and incredible work'

"Nature's remarkable ability to recover, when given a chance, is on full display at the River Wandle."

"Nature's remarkable ability to recover, when given a chance, is on full display at the River Wandle."

Photo Credit: @earthed.co / Instagram

An Instagram post vividly showcasing the remarkable turnaround of the River Wandle in South London is gaining popularity on social media. The post features a "before" and "after" comparison of a bleak, neglected waterway transformed into a shining river flourishing with plant life and clear waters.

The post highlights the success of a project by the South East Rivers Trust, bolstered by an army of volunteers who, since the year 2000, have been instrumental in restoring the river's ecological health. The River Wandle, previously an overlooked urban river in the sprawling metropolis of London, is now a pioneering example of urban river restoration.

This environmental renaissance is due to the dedication of over 3,000 volunteer hours. Their efforts have opened nearly 1.5 miles of river for fish passage and rejuvenated almost a third of a mile of chalk stream habitat, where chalk bedrock meets water. 

The strategic placement of over 370 tons of gravel has created prime fishing spawning grounds. In a remarkable comeback, the river now supports a thriving population of brown trout, a species that had vanished from these waters for over 80 years.

The project employed nature-based solutions to reshape the riverbed, optimizing the flow and preparing it for the challenges of the Earth's changing climate. Echoing the impressive before-and-after visuals, the riverbank is now adorned with 3,000 native plants, significantly diversifying the habitat.

Like the River Wandle's transformation in South London, the Ullswater Catchment Management's project in Cumbria has revitalized a stream into a dynamic ecosystem, simultaneously boosting biodiversity and providing flood defenses. 

The movement to rehabilitate nature's beauty is also mirrored by author and activist Eoghan Daltun's solo efforts in Ireland, where over a decade of rewilding has transformed his local hillside from a desolate area into a thriving forest ecosystem. 

The Instagram post has drawn an outpouring of community support and admiration. One user's comment encapsulates the sentiment: "Nature's remarkable ability to recover, when given a chance, is on full display at the River Wandle." 

The transformation has struck a chord with many, from the playful "Release the riverrrrrr!" celebrating the river's liberation to the poignant acknowledgment of its beauty and the moving nature of its transformation. "Great transformation and incredible work," wrote another commenter.

River Wandle's recovery is an emblem of hope and possibility, demonstrating that urban waterways can be reclaimed and restored into dynamic ecosystems even in densely populated cities like London.

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