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Nature lover shares photo of 'absolutely beautiful' change to their city's sidewalks: 'Think of all the wildlife'

"I'm so happy our local government decided to avoid using plain lawns."

Rewilding city's sidewalks

A recent post on the r/NoLawns subreddit has people discovering the beauty in grass alternatives that require less attention than traditional lawns through a process known as rewilding

Rewilding your yard can save you money, time, and labor, and also helps your local ecosystem.

The post shows off the beauty of a city street that has replaced its traditional grass lawns with a more diverse set of plants. 

The caption reads, "NoLawn on renovated city street. I'm so happy [our] local government decided to avoid using plain lawns."

The poster explains that the eco department of their city's local government is encouraging residents to replace their lawns with local plants that are native to the area, which will reduce water usage and increase biodiversity.

The r/NoLawns subreddit is an online community of people who have replaced, or are considering replacing, some or all of their lawns with alternative flora with an emphasis on water reduction that saves homeowners money and benefits the planet.

The subreddit also has a separate website with helpful information about rewilding your yard, including FAQs, native plant guides, and an entire section about clover.

As our planet continues to overheat from dirty energy and pollution, extreme weather events, including droughts, become more frequent and severe. Over 48% of the U.S. is currently facing drought conditions, affecting as many as 369 million acres of crops and an estimated 131 million people.

One of the most impactful ways that individuals can help combat droughts is to reduce personal water usage — and one of the easiest ways to do this is by letting go of your lawn. 

Reddit users displayed their enthusiasm in the comments section.

"I've been seeing sunflowers all over Baltimore city in the medians and it thrills my soul," one user wrote.

"Absolutely beautiful!" commented another. "Think of all the wildlife this is supporting."

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