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Nature educator explains how small gardening project can have profound impact: 'Where do I start?'

"It'll bring so much joy and happiness and purpose in your life."

"It'll bring so much joy and happiness and purpose in your life."

Photo Credit: TikTok

Just as little tweaks to our daily habits can create long-lasting changes, one small gardening project can make a huge difference for your local ecosystem.

Nature educator Jonny (@jonnynature1) uploaded a TikTok showing the wildlife pond he created on his property, noting how beneficial human intervention can be for an ecosystem's health and diversity when we utilize our creativity and take action with coexistence in mind. 

@jonnynature1 As you can tell I'm very passionate about my wildlife ponds 💚🌎🦅 and urge anyone to Create their own unique nature oasis and I promise you, you won't regret it! #nature #passion #ecosystem #native ♬ Boundless Worship - Josué Novais Piano Worship

While building the miniature nature sanctuary, he removed a crop of invasive honeysuckle plants that had overrun the area and replaced them with native species, rocks, and dead wood. 

By disposing of invasive species and adding native plants to the pond, Jonny wasn't simply altering nature for the fun of it. He took the time to understand the needs of the area's ecosystem and made changes to nurture it. 

Native plants have adapted over time to a specific area's weather patterns and natural resources, making them more resilient than non-native species. They attract pollinators, which in turn help the plants reproduce while providing food and shelter for an ecosystem's wildlife. 

Switching to a natural lawn or even rewilding a portion of your yard can help support your local biodiversity and even save you time and money by reducing the need for extensive lawn maintenance or excessive watering. 

As an added bonus, native plant gardens are also uniquely beautiful and can turn your yard from a typical patch of grass into a breathtaking bloom-filled space

"Overall, creating a more healthy, diverse ecosystem that benefits everything, makes your heart feel so good. So, yeah, create a little wildlife pond. Create a little nature sanctuary in your yard, and I promise you, it'll bring so much joy and happiness and purpose in your life," Jonny added, drawing attention to the idea that when we help the world around us, we help ourselves as well.

Many viewers expressed excitement over Jonny's backyard nature oasis, and some were even eager to try it out for themselves. 

"Man, that's awesome. I've been wanting to do that on my property. Where do I start?" one commenter asked.

"I would find a spot that receives some sun and honestly I didn't do anything complex just bought some liner, dug a hole and filled it with water," Jonny replied. "Then adding natural stuff like logs and rocks around makes a huge impact along with planting native plants." 

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