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Farmer shares genius way they cleared overgrown area in just four hours — without lifting a finger: 'We let the nature do [its] work'

"How long will it take four mini goats to clear this?"

“How long will it take four mini goats to clear this?”

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Clearing overgrown vegetation can be a time-consuming hassle, but a recent trend that is growing in popularity is helping to ease the burden on farmers.

The scoop

A 20-second video from TikToker Mountain Fields Farm (@mountainfieldsfarm) put the wonders of "goatscaping" on full display.

At the start of the video, an overgrown area is shown with the question, "How long will it take four mini goats to clear this?" The goats are then seen chowing down on the weeds, happily embracing their jobs for the day. 

@mountainfieldsfarm Goats are the best #goats #fyp #mowing ♬ Mexican Standoff - Thomas Foyer

The answer to the question? Four hours, after which the area was completely cleared out.

How it's helping

Goatscaping is becoming an increasingly popular strategy because it saves time and energy and is a more environmentally friendly option than poisonous herbicides or lawn-mowing machines that emit harmful toxins. 

The Environmental Protection Agency determined that gas lawnmowers are responsible for 5% of air pollution in the United States. Goats can efficiently help clear weeds, brush, and invasive plants without damaging effects on the environment, as Goats on the Go explained.

Since goats are available for hire for weed-clearing jobs, more people across the country can enjoy the multiple benefits of gardening. Studies have found that gardening can help decrease stress and improve optimism. The hobby can also have positive benefits for physical health, as gardeners have been found to eat healthier and be more active

Growing your food can help decrease the reliance on mass-produced store-bought produce, so this guide will be beneficial to anyone interested in taking up gardening.

What everyone's saying

The TikTok video received more than 1,000 comments, as many users found it enlightening to learn about the efficiency and effectiveness of goatscaping.

"So I need to get rid of my mower and buy goats?" one user pondered.

Some have even experienced the wonders of goatscaping themselves.

"This is amazing!!! My company [has] just employed goats for vegetation control …. I couldn't be more happy about that," one commenter wrote.

"This is so good!! Very environmentally friendly," another commenter said. "We let the nature do [its] work!!"

Some even wondered about the viability of a goatscaping career, as one user said, "If I had the time I would start a goat mowing business."

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